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Sometimes the best view is the one you’re becoming - a New You. 


Hi, I’m Susanna! I help people to see a new view and a new you. 


Through Coaching, I meet people where they are at, whether that’s on the mountain peaks of success or in the valleys of life. Together, We explore. We overcome rocky terrains, find streams in the deserts, and forge new paths forward. I embolden them to take new steps, empower them to try that one new thing that might make all the difference. In the end, my hope is they will walk away with new insight and a renewed purpose to live out their fullest self.



High Performance Pattern

Career Development & Transition

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Personal Growth & Goals

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"Coaching allowed me to be able to share without worrying about other people’s reactions or comparing myself to others. Susanna helped me gain more confidence and courage to share especially in group settings."

Angela Lee, Emotional and Spiritual Support Services in Healthcare Industry

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